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Original Etawa milk with a license BPOM MD. 805013017071
Etawa Milk Chocolate with a license BPOM MD. 805013022071

Powdered Goat Milk

Goat milk powder products etawa premium / bulk

composition: milk Etawa + corn sugar without preservatives (natural) + Non-dairy Creamer

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etawa premium goat milk powder / bulk is made from pure goat’s milk in the extract with a mixture of sugar without the other, new products with flavors bulk GOMARS steady
Made from pure goat’s milk obtained from goats bred deliberate on the slopes of Mount Merapi which is famous for its goat’s milk is good and healthy Etawa
Perminta’an to makloon, resell, dropsip, quite Pesat in Indonesia, now is his time we tried to export milk Etawa the bulk conditions.

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We of CV.Global Mandiri Sejahtera is proud to introduce Etawa GOMARS Bulk Milk. Etawa Gomars Bulk milk made from milk Etawa liquid that has been processed into milk powder. Processed professionals who have been recognized from various relevant agencies and experts in the field so that goat’s milk is always awake quality, benefits, Edar and had permission from BPOM.

etawa premium goat milk powder / bulk serves as:
#source Nutrition and Nutrition for our body
Alternative #drug of various diseases


  1. etawa premium goat milk powder / bulk GOMARS excellent drink for:

  2. Asthma sufferers, tuberculosis, bronchitis, Lung Infection, FLEG lungs, and other respiratory disorders

  3. Both for the women and young women who often suffer from pain due to menstruation.

  4. Good for all ages blood deficiency (anemia)

  5. For children, it is very good for strong bones and teeth

  6. Rheumatism and gout sufferers

  7. Patients with Osteoporosis and bone fragility

  8. Patients with stomach acids and chronic gastritis and other digestive disorders

  9. Men and women, both to increase the sexual desire and add vitality

  10. Boost immunity (immune) so it is not susceptible to disease

  11. For cancer patients can reduce pains and help the healing process

  12. For people with high blood pressure, low blood up to stroke patients is highly recommended to drink this milk.

  13. Diabetic (diabetus) recommended terpi with goat’s milk

  14. People who are recovering from illness. Able to restore the body so quickly return to normal

  15. For Young Women, goat milk is able to improve the condition of skin tissue that smoothes the skin and eliminate black FLEG-FLEG

  16. Patients with kidney disease, kidney infections and high uric acid


For healing and therapy, drink 3 times a day. morning, afternoon and at bedtime.
To keep in shape, drink 1 a day, at bedtime.


Dissolve 2 tablespoons of goat milk powder etawa premium / bulk with warm water into the beaker containing 200 cc of water / one glass of starfruit. For children just 1 spoon

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